Sharon & Nick Thank You

Sharon & Nick's Thank You

Shari & Nick's Queenstown Wedding

Photo by Stellar Photography


Mr & Mrs N.S. Fifield

Fitzroy North



15th November 2011


Hi Sarah,


We are now back from honeymoon and back into the daily routine, did all that really happen?!


We had an absolutely fantastic day, definitely the best day of our lives, which was in no small part due to you.  You were an absolute star right from the outset with your professionalism, attention to detail, approachable and friendly attitude.


It’s very easy to simply gush following your wedding day, saying how fantastic it was and how everyone was brilliant!  So we want to distance ourselves slightly from that approach and communicate in a genuine and objective fashion exactly how pleased we were with your contributions to our wedding day.


From the start the level of care and attention you applied in the planning of our wedding was far beyond our expectations. You were open, approachable and practical in all your advice and communications. The online planning tool and budget spreadsheet you supplied was a life saver and really helped us put the tasks and financing in perspective, helping us to plan and decide how our day should take shape. Not to forget just how important all this was in planning a wedding in New Zealand whilst living in Australia, the trust we placed in you to help coordinate suppliers, follow up and offer advice was never in question.


On the day, your presence was ever felt but never intrusive. Always on hand to make sure things ran to order but never piling on the pressure to us or our guests, leaving us free to enjoy the moments and just go with the flow!  Further testament to this is the number of our guests who approached us and said, “Who’s that?!…..She’s brilliant!” We’ve also had additional comments in the weeks since our wedding from our friends and family who can’t speak highly enough of you.  Steve our MC said he loved working with you and that you really made his job on the day a whole lot easier, so he could let his hair (or lack of) down!


You were there right until the end, even loading our guests onto buses at the end of the night!  Wow, thanks for going above and beyond. Anyway, needless to say, we wanted to thank you as emphatically as we can, you truly made the day simply perfect for us.   Thank you for being a part of our wedding and we hope you managed to have some fun too!!



Yours Sincerely,


Nick and Sharon Fifield