Who ever said that weddings had to be ONLY formal affairs?  More and more couples are looking for ways to inject a little bit of excitement and energy into their wedding day!  Why not show your guests that you are serious about having a good time with these fun and funky ideas….

Funky Photo Booth – you may have already heard about the latest craze of creating a guest photo booth area at your reception, but why not add in some funny hats, glasses or props to let guests know that it's time to lighten up as the party begins!  You can also make the photo booth with instant cameras and have your guest book there as well – so they can leave you a few words of advice for the future next to their silly image.

Wedding Party Dance Off – what if after your traditional wedding dances you and your closest friends helped get the party started with a bit of a 'dance off'!  Take it as far as you want (choreographed routine anyone?) or just pick a fun and funky song to get your wedding party grooving – you may even want to think about incorporating some silly props to really take your guests by surprise!

Wedding Trivia – this idea has to be done right to not be too cheesy, but it can be a great time filler!  Think of some fun and funny questions about the two of you and then let each table come up with what they think the best answer may be…it is a fantastic way to get the guests socializing at each table too!